Products for gardening

Anti-grass geogrids, padding and coconut substrates, windbreakers,....

For the accomplishments of public and private, both in the area of gardening and landscaping, we offer a catalogue of totally ecological products that integrate and contribute to enhance each work carried out..

Anti grass geograss

Also called anti-weed, are available in various widths. Specially indicated to control and prevent the growth of herbs, as well as to create optimal conditions for the growth of plants and shrubs. They are woven with UVA treatment.

Due to their adaptability and ease of use, are also widely used in greenhouses and nurseries outside by professional growers and gardeners.

Coconut fiber substrate

The coconut substrate is an ideal product for gardening friends. Coming as its own name indicates from the fiber of the coconut bark and has excellent conditions of retention and drainage of water, which makes it an excellent medium for the growth of plants, alone or in combination with other types of substrates..

It is presented in brick of 650 gr. That when added the water gives a volumetric yield of 10 liters of coconut substrate..

Composition 100% coconut fibre, is an organic, natural, biodegradable and reusable substrate. Its transport and storage cost is optimal thanks to its pressing and low moisture weight. For its final use, the rehydration process is easy and fast.

The coconut fiber has an excellent water retention capacity, improved aeration, high resistance to water stress,... allowing to improve the physical conditions of clayey and/or clumped soils. Available in various fiber lengths.

Among the advantages of the coconut substrate we highlight:
  • Irrigation water saving.
  • Improved aeration and substrate properties.
  • Aid for the rooting of plants.
  • Ecological and free of diseases, stones, roots, branches or unwanted particles.
  • Easy to transport and space saving.
Your instructions for use are:

Place the brick contents in a large container (just over 10 litres), add 5 litres of warm or hot water, let stand for 15 minutes and wait until the fibre expands and once hydrated 10 litres of coconut substrate will be obtained.


Tutors for plants

Of bamboo or wood, they are recommended for tutoring or anchoring correctly certain shrubs, trees and palm trees after planting. Available in different lengths, thicknesses and robustness grades.


To implement them in pergolas, gazebos,... contribute to create dark spaces that improve the comfort. Made of natural materials to facilitate its landscape integration.


Made of natural materials, they can be used on fixed or temporary structures. In gardening, they make it possible to contribute effectively to the creation of independent and private spaces, fulfilling the function of hedges.

Bioengineering in the landscape

Organic blankets and meshes, geomembranes, geogrids,… products from our catalogue aimed at erosion control and landscape bioengineering, are also very useful in gardening and landscaping. Our technical team can advise you on its most efficient use.