Geocells for soil stabilization.

The Geocells are particularly suited to use in the stabilisation of earth in areas where it is necessary to sustain heavy loads, protect slopes, or conduct water, or form reservoirs, waste deposits or retaining walls.

  • Load bearing through a technique of confinement, the perforated BonTerra system resists puncture and the sideways movement of aggregate.
  • Protection of earth slopes and water conduits. Confines, reinforces and retains earth masses whether they contain vegetation or stones, slowing the gradual descent of the earth caused by the action of hydrodynamic or gravitational forces.
  • Earth retention in which all the structural needs of the area are satisfied and which provides a high degree of flexibility during installation along with a pleasant appearance achieved through a façade that can be completely covered with vegetation.
  • Reservoirs and waste deposits in which the residual waters require treatment or must be retained, this is achieved through the use of a combination of impermeable layers with the Geocell.
Guide/article on Geocells
Guide to using Geocells in PDF (in Spanish)
Confine, reinforce and retain masses of vegetable soil or stone fillings.

Types of geocells

Cellular containment systems
  • BTI Geocells - Cell Confinement System
  • BTI Geocells - Cell Confinement System Reinforced

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