Ecological pavements

Solutions for soil reinforcement and drainage fully compatible with vegetation cover.

Bonterra Ibérica S.L. offers solutions for the temporary or permanent reinforcement and drainage of earth masses, solutions which are entirely compatible with the existing vegetation layer through the use of Ecological pavements.

This range of technological products are the result of many years of research and development and extensive testing and can be deployed to create features such as emergency or fire service access routes, temporary parking lots, footpaths, pavements, sustainable urban drainage systems, sports fields, leisure centres, outside festival or event areas, helicopter landing zones etc.

Our brands of ecological pavements:
  • Netpave is a solution for the rapid surfacing of a zone of grass, combining the advantage of flexibility with that of a rapid means of securing the surface to the grass. Netpave 25 has been designed for use on pre-existing grass surfaces and as an intermediate solution, between the alternatives offered by “Turfguard” and “Netpave 50”. The system “Netpave 50” offers an attractive, durable and easy-to-use system for the rapid transformation of areas for use as parking lots and access routes.
  • Turfguard is a mesh of highly resistant, extruded polyethylene fibres, offering good flexibility and durability making it ideal for facilitating an occasional access route over stable soil. Turfguard can be located on ground already covered by grass but also offers the possibility of planting seeds under the surface, with the Turfguard system in situ.
  • Advanced Turf System has a ready-prepared root layer in which thousands of the constituent small elements of the mesh mix and interlink. The results is a natural grass surface layer offering optimum drainage properties and with no visible synthetic structure, at the same time offering an impressive load-bearing capacity.

Types of ecological pavements

  • Netpave 25
  • Netpave 50
  • Turfguard
  • Advanced Turf System

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