Integrated Policy

The management of Bonterra Ibérica strives to continually improve its products and services through an Integrated Quality, Environment, Occupational Health and Safety, and Social Responsibility System on the understanding that these products are solely aimed at improving our natural surroundings.

In order to do so, Bonterra Ibérica undertakes to:

  • Ensure the quality of its products.
  • Attain better communications and collaboration in the search for efficient solutions to achieve the satisfaction of customers and stakeholders affected by the company’s processes.
  • Preserve the environment.
  • Prevent pollution resulting from the different processes connected with the company’s activity.
  • Introduce continuous improvement in its environmental, social and labour-related performance.
  • Go beyond mere compliance with legal and other requirements that may apply.
  • Set objectives and targets on an annual basis that will be reviewed periodically to adapt them to any new needs and priorities which may arise.
  • Avoid damages and harm to health.
  • Foster a business philosophy that takes into consideration ethical and moral principles and of mutual respect with the surroundings, the competition and society.
  • Raise awareness among its employees of the importance of meeting their individual obligations on matters connected with the prevention of occupational hazards as an essential cornerstone to attain excellence in occupational safety management.

This policy will be communicated within the organisation and be subjected to annual reviews in order to verify its efficacy and suitability to requirements and will be made available to anybody who may have an interest in it.

Compliance with this Policy is the responsibility of all the company’s staff members.

We apply all our technology and experience in the service of soil